Designing user research

I wrote this blog post with Jess from People For Research, about how to design the best research experience:

There’s no one perfect way to do user research. Every method has its pros and cons. The key is to design the research process. Just like anything else you might design (a website, a gadget, or a garden) it’s about:

Defining the problem(s) you want to solve

Coming up with a solution that works within the constraints of time and budget

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How to Plan for Design (and Why)

Upon reflection, I noticed when I explain what I do, I assume the why and focus on how. This is a bad habit. I also realized that why and how are inseparable. It’s impossible to understand the value of planning for design without grasping the nature of the work. To argue for user research, content strategy, information architecture, and participatory design, we must integrate why and how.

Three types of user research