How we made a 9 day fortnight a reality

At Edo we recently began offering a 9 day fortnight, as part of our journey toward being a next-stage organisation. I wrote about it for Corporate Rebels:

Last month, our Head of People Claire shared the exciting news that we were going to offer the option of working a 9 day fortnight. With the new financial year on the horizon, everyone would be able to choose between receiving a pay rise, or having every other Friday off.

Edo is a design and technology consultancy in Bristol, UK, with a permanent staff of about 25. It’s always been a good place to work, with a healthy work/life balance. But we knew some of our approaches were informed more by how we thought things should be done than what we really needed.

There was too much process and hierarchy. Our journey has been influenced by Frederic Laloux and sites like Corporate Rebels. Less hierarchy, more autonomy, and greater wellness and purpose at work began to feel like the solutions we needed.

Read the rest at Corporate Rebels.


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