→ The Soothing Promise Of Our Own Artisanal Internet

This vision of decentralization is more back-to-the-land than blockchain. If portals to the digital world are so exploitative, it asks, why not curate our own?

For consumers, this means forgoing convenience to control your ingredients: Read newsletters instead of News Feeds. Fall back to private group chats. Put the person back in personalization. Revert to reverse chron. Avoid virality. Buy your own serverStart a blogEmbrace anonymity. Own your own domain. Spend time on federated social networksrather than centralized ones. And when a big story breaks, consider saving your appetite for the slow-cooked, room-temp take.

No Share Buttons on Mobile Sites (Except This One Weird Case)

No Share Buttons on Mobile Sites (Except This One Weird Case)

The customer is the new organization. On Facebook customers are marketing their perfect lives. On LinkedIn, they are marketing their perfect careers. On Google they are advertising, saying, hey I want to buy this, or I want to do that. People become a political party on Twitter. They become retailers on eBay. Organizations like to do market research on their customers, but today it is customers who are doing the research on organizations.

I definitely think – and this is an attitude that you see in forums like FYAD, and going back to usenet and IRC and stuff – that the internet is meant to be a playground and whenever people try to treat it purely as a place to make money, they are going to run into this sort of static.