Designing user research

I wrote this blog post with Jess from People For Research, about how to design the best research experience:

There’s no one perfect way to do user research. Every method has its pros and cons. The key is to design the research process. Just like anything else you might design (a website, a gadget, or a garden) it’s about:

Defining the problem(s) you want to solve

Coming up with a solution that works within the constraints of time and budget

Read the rest at People For Research.

Three types of user research

Design researchers must think fast and slow

Design researchers should embrace less structure and more openness at the early stages of product design, and rigor and structure in the mature stages of product sales.

It’s so easy to focus on the ‘rigor and structure’ bit of the graph above – prototyping, testing, and optimising – and forget the rest. A/B testing and protyping is tangible, concrete work. But being open and creative is where we define the problem space by figuring out what we don’t already know.

The Endless Battle

The Endless Battle