Mental strain of delivering excellent service - Gerry McGovern - Customer experience keynote speaker; user experience keynote speaker

Virtual influencers: what do they say, who follows them and why?

The Real Problem of Hypocrisy for Extinction Rebellion

XR can do better than the standard response. The most important point is this. There is no hypocrisy. Driving to XR protests, or using vinyl banners, or eating a Pret sandwich at an XR road block — these are not hypocritical actions. Hypocrisy is a matter of preaching one thing but practising another. But what XR preaches is a radical change of the system within which we must make our choices, not of the choices we make within the system as it stands.

Is Blogging For Profit A Scam, Or A Stay-At-Home Mom’s Dream?

My manifesto for a post-carbon future

Global heating? Climate breakdown is now coming to you in real time…

In 2003 a heatwave in France caused thousands of premature deaths. Many suspected the fingerprint of human driven warming, but the science wasn’t quite ready to draw quick conclusions. Temperatures this week in Paris are set to break records and this time we are ready to demonstrate the connection in almost real time.


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